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     Welcome to Web Hosting Review dot Com
    NEW - FREE Web Site statistics - NEW

    Web Hosting Review - With a wide range features Unix hosting, windows hosting, dedicated servers and virtual servers web hosting review has links and reviews with over 500 different companies. Webmaster tools and news also available.

    Welcome to the new look Web Hosting Review.com Your number resource for the low down on the top host providers. Share your thoughts and views with others.

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    FREE Web Site statistics from Web Hosting Review Posted by: [coopers] on 05-10-2002 @ 11:34 AM
    FREE Web Site statistics from Web Hosting Review.

    For a limited period only, Web Hosting Review is offering you a free invisible hit counter, with real time reporting. Some of the features include:

    � Top X referrers, Top keywords (single-word or full-string mode)
    � Top X domains, Top territories
    � Top resolution, Top color
    � browser/OS stats
    � Calendar - shows your daily/monthly unique hits or pageimpressions
    � Visitors per day / per hour graph
    � enable/disable your own hits (set a cookie)
    � show/hide referers in logs
    � (re)set your page hits
    � delete entries in your logfile

    Don�t take our word for it CLICK HERE FOR THE DEMO

    Or move your mouse this way to sign up and get your FREE Web Site statistics account from Web Hosting Review.
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    Unix Or Windows Posted by: [coopers] on 01-10-2002 @ 03:36 PM
    Give us your thoughts.

    For your hosting solution do you need/want Unix or Windows based hosting?

    Why you do want that solution?

    and what benefits are there for using either solution?

    Take part in our Poll and send us your comments!

    Click Here
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    Alexa Rankings Posted by: [coopers] on 19-09-2002 @ 08:56 PM
    Alexa.com users download a toolbar for IE, this toolbar then monitors pages users visits. This then displays an Alexa ranking of visited sites. Its important to keep track of this ranking not just for your site but for your competitors, this will allow you to estimate who has more or less traffic than your site. You can monitor your alexa ranking here, and we will also check the rankings each day for you!, then when ever you check back, you can assure you will catch every days worth of rank changes.

    Click Here for your Alexa Ranking
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    Link popularity Checker Posted by: [coopers] on 11-09-2002 @ 10:03 PM
    Once you get your site up and running, the next thing to do is drive users to your site. A key role in this is search engines. Most search engines will give you extra credits if you have a lot of good inbound links. The tip to rember is the number of links to your site from other sites is a major key to the success of your site

    To Check your sites link popularity by going to https://www.web-hosting-review.com/m...rity&file=index
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